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Thursday, February 07, 2019


Leaving Certs please watch this short but very interesting video on the theme of Cubism.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Artist Roderic OConnor

Leaving Certs please view the short video clip and read the following slides below about Irish Artist Roderic OConnor and answer the question at the end.


Please answer the Question below:

Describe and discuss the work of Roderic OConnor making reference to TWO named works. In your answer refer to subject matter, function, style, media, materials, techniques and influences.  Illustrate your answer. (50m)

Thursday, January 10, 2019

New Leaving Cert Project

Leaving Certs as you have just started your new coursework project please be aware that this is over a 10 week period, mocks exams are in between this time. The project has to be fully completed by Friday , 5th April. It is crucial that you attend your Art classes every week as missing just one class can really hinder your work. Please watch the video clip below to get a better understanding of the layout of the project and how to use primary sources creatively.


2nd Year 3D Initials

Just before Christmas break the 2nd years were very busy making quite large initials using cardboard, mod roc, and using lights, flowers and all sorts to decorate them. Well done, they came out brilliant !

Happy new year !!

Welcome back and I hope you all had a lovely relaxing Christmas. We all have a very busy few months ahead so I hope you will all stay as committed and as hard working as ye have being up to now.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

L.c.a Wed 7th niv

Hi class , please do the following work:research artist Van gogh and his self portraits he painted over his career.
Choose which one are your favourite and why they are(3)

Monday, November 05, 2018

T.Y Class Work

Hi Class, sorry im unable to be there today but to keep ye going I would like ye to do the following: So take a good outline of your arm and hand in portrait on an A4 sheet and using the pop art design create a visual and fun design on your outline, also fill in the background using bright colours and designs.Please make a great effort on thoos work as it will be going toward assessment in a few weeks!!
please keep Art room tidy and better again PLEASE be excellent for your supervising teacher...thank you!!!

2ND Work for tue 6th & 7th

Hi 2nd Years, sorry im unable to be there with you today but here is your work for the next two days, and please note these drawings will go towards end of term assessments. Please draw a detailed drawing of one of the following on large A2 sheet, and a close up area of part of this object,in right hand corner 15x 15cm all of which can be found in the Art room.
A Shell- all of which are in back of room in box
A Still life with paint brushes in jar with small paints-please put back after
Your pencil case with pens coming out (take a pic with phone)
Or any other interesting object from the art room, but not part of a project or anything of importance on display.
p.s please leave the room spotless, and more importantly make me proud and be fantastic for your supervising teacher-PLEASE!!!
See ye soon.

5th Work for tue 6th & 7th Nov

Hi Class. Sorry im unable to be there today but to keep ye busy here is the work I would like ye to do over the next two days.So, as I said before mid- term we were going to work on pottery, so think about the design and size, features, textures etc ye would like to create in your finished piece.
So I would like ye to Draw and Design 3 different and unique pottery/sculptural pieces. If you need inspiration look at Taras work outside on the display wall. Very important to note your ideas, what might work and colour designs etc. (IT DOESNT HAVE TO RELATE TO YOUR PREVIOUS PROJECT)
In terms with Art History I hope you all got the Art History questions complete, if not now is the time to do so as Ill be collecting these on Thurs. So work HARD and be good for supervising teacher.
Miss Connaughton

6th Year work for class tue 6th & 7th

Hi Class, sorry I am unable to be there with you today but just to remind ye to keep continuing on with your Art projects. In relation with the Art History I hope ye all got the Art History questions complete, if ye didnt now is the chance to do so ,keep working on these two aspects over the next two days.
P.S I will be taking up the questions on thursday!