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Tuesday, September 08, 2020

1st Year

 Hi 1st Years,

Please continue colouring inn the line drawing we did in class of your arm,and finish off the colour element that ye didnt get finished.

Please respect who ever is supervising you and also to wipe down your table and chair and materials at end of class.

Happy Drawing

3rd Years

 Hi 3rd Years

So from our discussion from yesterday and getting your themes,mind map all the themes fully before you pick which one you choose. The themes are the following:

1: The Kitchen


3: The Shed

Remember to do lots of quick sketches, etc

Please respect who ever is supervising you today,and remember to wipe down tables ,chairs and folders at end of class.thanks

2nd Year Art Class

 Hi Class,

What I would like all of you to work on in this double class is choosing a theme from one of the following:

1: A look at Nature

2:My favourite place


4: My imaginary world

5:Food to me!!

Take each theme and before you choose ,mind map each one before you decide.When you have choosen your theme,expand your mind map to drawings.

Please respect who ever is supervising you and remember the cleaning down of tables and chairs at end of class,

Happy Drawing

9th Sept.2020 6th Years

 Hi Class,

What I would like you all to work on this morning in Art Class is choosing your own(as we discussed in class) theme for your project and coming up with mind map, drawings etc. Keep your theme suggestive and not to restricted in terms of what you can do,remember primary sources, research artists etc.

Happy Drawing!

Please remember to sanatise every thing on leaving Art Room.

Friday, May 29, 2020

29th May :Students


Aimee Coyne 1st Year

Maie Costello 1st Year


Leah Mockler 1st Year

Image.jpeg Lauren Sweeney 1st Year

Image preview Juilet Casey 2nd Year

Image Sandra Sodul 2nd Year
Image preview Leah Doory 1st Year
Image.jpeg Saoirse Burke 1st Year

Image.jpeg Amy Collins 3rd Year

Image.jpeg Clodagh Woods 3rd Year

Image preview Grace Waldron 3rd Year

29th May:Art Competition

Hi All ,here is a very exciting Art Competition that everyone should enter as 1 Euro goes to charity for every entry...so get creative!!!!!

Image preview

The theme for this year’s Art Materials Company’s Art Competition is:​ Freedom in a Time of Constraint. ​This can be interpreted in any way as long as it is visual art (dance, writing, music and other other creative expressions are not accepted for this year’s competition). Here at Art Materials Company, we believe that everyone is creative but many people haven’t discovered ‘how’ yet or they get discouraged because they believe: ‘I’m not good enough’; ‘I’m not an artist’; ‘I can’t draw’. Who said? Challenge yourself to discover your creative side! Taste of a new found freedom! Those of you more comfortable in your creative skin, try new ways of expressing yourself in your artwork. Break out into new found creativity. It’s a great time to do it. If not now, when?

Judges will be looking for creativity above all. So, brainstorm and think outside of the literal and figurative box. When you are completing your entry form, be ready to write in one sentence on your entry form: Freedom in a Time of Constraint is: ____________

Size Of Artwork
This year we will be receiving all entries online, so you are free to make your art piece as big or as small as you want! However, on your entry form, you will need to state the size of your artwork. Approximate dimensions are fine. Be sure to take ONE clear (use enough light and hold still ) photo of your work.

Use Of Materials
Anything considered visual art: using any means including but not exclusive of: block printing, calligraphy, chalk, charcoal, clay, colláge, crayon, decoupage, embossing, etching, ink, metal, mosaic, paint, pencil, sand, stone, fabric… And, we encourage you to challenge yourself to use a media you’ve never tried. Why not? It should be fun! If you have a question whether your medium would be accepted, please contact us here.

Artwork must be unaided (unless it is a collaborative piece) and must be original work. Remember because the judges will be looking for creativity, use your unique artistic ‘voice’: how you see the world around you and respond to things is completely unique to you, so, show us. For the collaborative piece, two types of creative expression must be clearly visible.

Number Of Entries
Entrants are allowed one entry only unless they are also entering a piece in the collaboration of relatives category.

The collaborative piece is ONE piece made by TWO people. Entrants must be related in some way. Parent and child can be parent in their 70’s and ‘child’ in their 50’s. It can include a guardian and child, a parent and adopted child, an uncle and nephew, a great aunt and grand nephew, a brother and sister. If you have any doubt about whether your team is right for creative collaboration in this competition, please contact us by email at: competition@artmaterials.ie​.
Also, it must be clear that two of you worked on your art piece by definitively showing two styles, two angles, two ideas…in some way indicating that not just one person did the entry piece. Please stay safe when doing this and only choose relatives with whom you’ve already had contact during this viral season.

Information Required
A fully completed entry form is required to be filled out. This can be filled out on our website here​. Please note that incomplete entry forms cannot be accepted and will disqualify the entrant from the competition.

Closing Date
The closing date is the 9th of June 2020. All entries must be received by midnight.

Judging Process
Once all entries are received after the final entry date of the 9th of June, a public vote will commence on the 12th of June. This will take place on our website. All entrants will receive a link by email to the public vote. Public voting will end on the 15th of June and the shortlisted artwork (10 pieces with the relative largest number of votes) will move forward to the next stage where judges will make the final decision. Judges will also be able to select pieces of artwork they feel deserve to move forward regardless of how many votes the piece received from the public. The prizewinners will be announced on the 30th of June. We reserve the right to extend the date of announcement if the number of entrants exceeds our expectations. There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner per category.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

5th Year;12th May

Hi Class. So for your class assessment I would like you all to finish the Research Project we had started in class relating to an Artist that you admire.This can be presented which ever way suits you power point presentation,word doc, what ever suits you. You have until next Tue the 19th to get this into me...looking forward to seeing your work

2nd Year:12th May

Hi Class.
So for your Class Assessment this is what I would like all of you to do. From the project that you were doing for your c.b.a in class,I would like you to design and finish the poster relating to your choosen theme.You MAY use colour,leave it black and white etc its entirely up to you. You may use any size you like but not smaller than A4. You have until next Tue to get this poster finished.

Monday, May 11, 2020

l.c.a :11th May

Hi Class,
As part of your "My local environment" project I would like you to design a poster for an event of your choosing (fundraiser,bake sale, lip sync etc) to go towards a new building in your area (again this is up to you)
You may use colour,black of white, you may even do it on the computer if you perfer,its up to you how you design your poster.You have until fri the 15th May for completion.

1st Year:11th May

Hi Class.
Here is something that I would like you to try,you can add some colour if you like:
Happy drawing.