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Monday, October 16, 2017

J.C. - 3rd year

Things you should be aware of before starting your junior certificate art project.

Great object to begin your project under the heading "assume". 

First drawing, great start.

Mr.O - Self portrait

Start by drawing a basic head shape(an oval)

Eyes are halfway down the head.

Make sure nose and mouth in the right place before you continue, it is much harder to change later.

Block in as many of the dark areas in as you can.

Continue to shade in all the darker areas.

When you are finished shading you are ready to paint.
First colour is yellow(I find it best to start with your lightest colour). 

Then red (use the paint to show tonal variations the same way you do with pencil)

Then brown
Then go back over it with pencil to fix any errors.

Room 4

Great large scale painting.

Fantastic 3 tone Lino print.

Mr.O - Poster example