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Friday, November 29, 2019

6th Year Art History Question

Please do the following Question for the weekend.
2015 Higher level.

Jack B.Yeats (1871-1957) was interested in the expressive power of colour.
Discuss this statement with reference to "Men of Destiny".
Refer in your answer to sibject matter, composition,style and technique
Name and briefly describe 0NE other painting by Yeats which is typical of his style.
Illustrate your answer.

Men of Destiny

Men of Destiny is a painting by Irish artist, Jack Butler Yeats, painted in 1946. An oil artwork on canvas, the modernist piece is noted for the strength and vibrancy of its colour palette and is considered to rank amongst Yeats' best work. The painting is on permanent display at the National Gallery of IrelandThe painting depicts three fishermen securing a boat at Rosses Point in Sligo, in the west of Ireland. Painted in the period between the Easter Rising and the foundation of the Irish Republic, it has been suggested that the title could refer to the destiny of ordinary men, like the fishermen shown, to defend Irish freedom.The phrase "Men of Destiny" has also been used as a translation of the Irish Fianna Fáil (more commonly "Soldiers of Destiny"), which was the Irish name for the Irish Volunteers (as well as featuring in the Irish national anthem and as the name of an Irish potlical party). Men of Destiny was painted in 1946, thirty years after the 1916 Rising, a year after the end of the Second World War, and just two before the formal establishment of the Irish Republic.  With this richly-coloured and nostalgic depiction of Sligo fisherman – fastening their boats – Yeats remembers men who had left their daily employment, at various times, to fight for freedom. Yeats has been typically economical in his description of the figures, and the masted boat in the background.The painting is alive with exuberant colour, including royal blue, indigo, and various greens and heightened with vermillion, lemon yellow and white. The colours of the sky are echoed in the foam of the dark sea and amongst the more vibrant colours of the headland.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Art Trip to Roscommon Art Centre

Students from T.Y, 5th and 6th year travelled to the newly refurbished Art Centre in Roscommon to view its latest exhibition called WAR meaning Working Artist Roscommon.
The exhibition exhibited work by six artists, Francis Crowe, Joseph Cunniffe, Honor FitzGerald, Dympna Molloy, Noel Molloy and Anne Rigey.
Each artist spoke directly to the students about their work and the thought process and the background about each piece. The student had a fantastic opportunity to view a wide range of  work from installation, mixed media painting,  and sculpture.

Students outside the Art Centre Roscommon

Artist Dympna Molloy discussing her sculpture work called "In front of my eyes"
where her medium is Bronze, wire, and installation.

Dympna Molloy 

“Woman 1” 

“In Front of My Eyes” 

Installation piece by Dympna Molloy “Barbra and Barbie” 

Artist Noel Molloy speaks to the students about his sculptural artwork titled
"Nucleus Requiem"Noel sculptures are fabricated by using found objects.
Noel Molloy discussing his sculptural artwork

Sculpture Noel Molloy "Nucleus Requiem"

Fibre Artist Frances Crowe, displays her hand woven tapestry,focusing
 on human displacement.

Frances Crowe large tapestry uses transparent materials 
and figurative silouttes suspended in metal frames.

Artist Honor FitzGerald work reflects her surroundings, 
circumstances and changing perspectives. Her work is titled 
"Súile eile"or "alternative view"

"Place" by Honor FitzGerald.

Artist Anne Rigney incorporates mixed media elements,
including collage,watercolour, and ink.Her work titled "Heartlines"
reflects her inner landscape and interaction with the world.

Anne Rigney

Anne Rigney

6th year Art students Megan Keaveney, Clodagh McFadden,
with Art Teacher Miss.Connaughton

6th year Art students Cassandra Hyde Easr, Sinead Gorham and
art teacher Miss.Connaughton

Students and Artist at their exhibition WAR.

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Welcome Back!!

Welcome back everyone, I hope ye all had a great summer and well rested!. I am looking forward to the year ahead and looking forward to a busy working atmosphere here in the Art Room. We will be very busy in terms of completing Class Room Based Assessments(C.B.A) in 2nd and 3rd Year. Leaving Cert Art Trips to Local Exhibitions, Art and photography competitions, and of course the excitement of getting prepared for the School Musical, Grease!!! 

Thursday, February 07, 2019


Leaving Certs please watch this short but very interesting video on the theme of Cubism.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Artist Roderic OConnor

Leaving Certs please view the short video clip and read the following slides below about Irish Artist Roderic OConnor and answer the question at the end.


Please answer the Question below:

Describe and discuss the work of Roderic OConnor making reference to TWO named works. In your answer refer to subject matter, function, style, media, materials, techniques and influences.  Illustrate your answer. (50m)

Thursday, January 10, 2019

New Leaving Cert Project

Leaving Certs as you have just started your new coursework project please be aware that this is over a 10 week period, mocks exams are in between this time. The project has to be fully completed by Friday , 5th April. It is crucial that you attend your Art classes every week as missing just one class can really hinder your work. Please watch the video clip below to get a better understanding of the layout of the project and how to use primary sources creatively.


2nd Year 3D Initials

Just before Christmas break the 2nd years were very busy making quite large initials using cardboard, mod roc, and using lights, flowers and all sorts to decorate them. Well done, they came out brilliant !

Friday, October 26, 2018

5th Year Art History Questions for mid-term break

Hi Sudents, please do the following questions over the mid-term break, spend at least 45 mins on each question ( as you would in exams)
Have a lovely mid-term 🦇

2015 H.L .Q1
The "Petrie Crown" is an example of a remarkable change in style that took place during the Iron Age.
Discuss this statement referring to the the function, form, and style of the Petrie Crown,and to the materials and techniques used in its production and decoration.
Name and describe one example of decorative stone carving from this period.
Illustrate your answer.

2017 H.L Q1 
There are many documented Stone Age tombs in Ireland that reveal a wealth of infomation about the lives of the people that built them
Discuss this statement with reference to two named stone tomb that you have studied. In your answer refer to the structure, function and location of each of the examples you have chosen
Briefly describe and discuss the motifs and stone working techniques to decorate Stone Age tombs.
Illustrate your answer.

Monday, October 01, 2018

5th Year Art History-Bronze Age

Students use this power point as extra resource for writing up your notes on the Bronze Age, do not go on any further than where we stopped in the books.( just copy and paste the link below into search bar)




Tuesday, September 18, 2018

something very original

Hi students check out this amazing artist who paints onto his hand and then prints onto canvas...truly amazing!!!