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Monday, March 05, 2018

1st Year Homework

1st year Homework.
Students I would like ye to do a pencil study from the below image using your 2b,4b and 6b pencils , concentrate on the different tones and mark making.

Art Competition Time!!

The Bank of Ireland have recently issued a "Design A Coin Art Competition" to commemorate its 75th Anniversary.  Students must design a coin taking inspiration from special events from significant people from the past 75 years. You must include the word EIRE and 2018 on the coin design, it does not have to include the surrounding stars.
Closing date is the 16th March.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

6th years study guide for Mock Art History Exam

Leaving certs,as we already discussed in class,the main areas of study to cover for exams is the iron age and La Tene style, Impressionism, Claude Monet and his works, And the visit to a gallery/museum.
in relation to the gallery question it may be useful to use the visit that we had to the Roscommon Arts Centre last year called" Claiming Space" by the Red Bird Youth Collective.

Claiming Space is a touring exhibition by Red Bird Youth Collective, a youth arts group based in Galway. Since its inception, Red Bird has been supporting creativity and claiming artistic space for young people in Galway, and now, nationally.
Claiming Space showcases Red Bird’s collaborative methodology, both with each other and with professional artists and architects. Over the years Red Bird has worked with artists such as Louise Manifold, Ruby Wallis and Dominic Thorpe, and has worked with architects Bláithín Quinn and Dominic Stevens. Although created by different members and different professionals, all the artworks in this exhibition are rooted in exploring and challenging the world from a young person’s point of view whilst claiming artistic and public space for young people. The curated selection also represents different media and different ways to communicate ideas.

Here is a short video clip going into more detail about the exhibition.


3rd Year Art (pre-junior cert drawing exam)

3rd Years for your drawing exam please choose from category A OR Category B and make a complete drawing of your choosen object.
Category A- Natural Forms                                                   Category B-Man made Forms
broken egg shells                                                                        A bunch of keys
a flower                                                                                      Clothes pegs and basket         
solid fuel for fire                                                                        A musical instrument
mushrooms                                                                                An open lunchbox
pebbles or shells                                                                        Soaps and lotions
animal bones                                                                             Muddy Shoes
an onion                                                                                     A phone charger
a half peeled citrus fruit                                                            A lego toy
a pineapple                                                                                Hair or make up brushes
a carrot with green foliage attached                                          A garden tool
a doughnut or scone                                                                  A hammer and nails

Ordinary level:
Make a drawing of the complete form or a drawing of a part of it.The part may be enlarged in order to explore its features

Higher Level
Make a drawing of the complete form AND a drawing of a part of it.The part mey be enlarged in order to explore its features.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


L.C.A :
l.c.a Class have just completed the first part of their new module two "My Local Environment" here the students looked at Irish landscape painters such as Jack Yeats and Roderic OConnor. Picking their favourite Artist and painting they painted their own version of these. They did a fantastic job!!!!

By Helen Kelly

 by Caroline Ward

By Sophie Beveridge

By Jaden Passco

By Caitlan Glynn

Mon 29th Jan:
Congrats and well done to the L.C.A class for their hard work and effort putting their work on display in the School assembly. The exhibition was a fantastic achievement and huge success,with all school students and staff admiring the beautiful works. This was also part of their general education task so best of luck to all the students who will be interviewed on Friday about this task. Here are some pics from todays events.

Leaving Cert Applied are currently working on their  "Identity and Self " art projects. By using a camera and using the pop art app the change the setting to create fun and exciting self portraits.From here using the white board the students then trace their faces onto black card and begin to paint them.
They are working at a great pace and their  work is coming on brillantly!! HERE is just a small sample of their work so far...

In addition to the portraits students are also making hand sculptures ,here are some examples before  they are painted

Here is a lovely clip of some of the self-portrait paintings produced  by Vincent Van Gogh over his lifetime

Other famous examples of Artists who painted them selves were

Lucian Freud
He painted many landscapes and portraits of other people but he  was 65 when he did his first self-portrait,.He likes to work on very large canvases.

Image result for lucian freud self portrait

Image result for lucian freud self portrait

Image result for lucian freud self portrait

Irish Artist Colin Davidson

Since 2010, Davidson has specialised in oversized realist portraits that, with heavy brush strokes and imprecise application, appear to capture the essence of its subject as if by accident. Look long enough, and you'd swear they blink.

The Art of Colin Davidson

“If somebody says when looking at a painting of mine they sense the spirit of the person in it, I can’t lay claim to that,” says Davidson. “It’s the bits I leave, those unfinished bits or parts that are less than perfect which allow people in to fill the gaps.”
He explains that his sittings don’t involve sitting still for hours holding an apple. Instead, he encourages movement and interaction. He talks to the sitter and while all that is happening he hopes to find a moment that he can focus on. Often he will do 10 to 20 sketches, he will take photos, and then take it all away to his studio where the portrait is painted.

“I’m looking at how they work,” he explains. “How the face works but actually more important for me, I’m looking for the moment when they are seemingly unaware of me being there, if that makes sense, the moment they are totally at home in their own thoughts, and that’s the moment I’m striving to paint. With people who are well-known who we see in movies and the like, it somehow makes them very human and I hope it’s the most honest view of them, I suppose. It’s them as an equal.”

Ed Sheeran by Colin Davidson

A potrait of US actor Brad Pitt who Colin Davidson helped learn to paint after some arm-twisting by the Hollywood actor

Homework: Write an update of the work you have complete to date and include the
  • starting point for the clay handprint
  • equipment used
  • personal experience-what you liked and disliked and 
  • personal discoveries -did you enjoy this part of project.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Graphic Design

5th Years are currently working on graphic design projects,designing colourful posters.
15th Jan
Homework for this project is take the words Graphic Design and design interesting fonts with these two words.
Below are some examples of Graphic design used in advertising,poster campaigns and logos.

Typography in Graphic design

Image result for graphic design art

Image result for graphic design art

Image result for graphic design art

Image result for graphic design art

Image result for graphic design art

Image result for graphic design art

Colour in Graphic Design

Image result for graphic design art

Image result for graphic design art

Creating 3D

Image result for graphic design art

Image result for graphic design art
Homework: Tue 16th Jan

using your graphic design skills take one of these words and make it look 3d. (in sketch pads,) look at the above examples for reference

  • smile
  • hand
  • power
  • sale
  • wind

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

leaving cert project

Leaving Certs  here is a very informative video on a Students experience and work when completing her project.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Happy new year!

Happy New Year.!!!
Well its 2018 and we are going to be very busy for the next few weeks.
Leaving certs have received their new coursework brief for the new leaving cert craft exam. They have ten weeks to complete the project stating 8th jan and finishing on the 23rd March so very best of luck with it!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Happy to be back.

Hi all. Miss Connaughton here,yes im back after being away for a while!! I would like to thank Mr. O for filling in for me while I was away and wish him the very best in his teaching career. I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas, enjoy the hols, and I look forward to getting back into some hard work in the new year!!
Here are some pics from our school carol service that was just fantastic,well done to all involved!!

Some of my art classes had great fun making these very eye catching snowflakes and putting them up around the assembly area for the carol service.

Bt adding some string lights around them they aere even more eye catching and really lit up the hallway when the lights were turned off.