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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Francis Bacon

Here is some extra viewing that will come in very handy when studying Francis Bacon.


This video clip is the clip that is shown on a loop in the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin. This will give you a better understanding of Bacon and also how the studio is laid out within the Gallery


Here is Francis Bacon studio in 360 degrees,have a look inside


Friday, May 04, 2018

art history questions for weekend.

Please answer these two Higher Level Questions over the weekend for next Tue.

2013 H/L Question.
Paul Henry (1876-1958) painted landscapes depicting scenes from the west of Ireland.
Discuss this statement in relation to his work in general and to the painting "A Connemara Village" which is shown referring to subject matter, composition, style and colour
Compare briefly "A Connemara Village" with one named landscape painting by a different Irish Artist.
Illustrate your answer.

Please answer the following 2013 Higher level question

Edgar Degas (1834-1917)was a founding member of the Impressionist but was unique amongst his contemporaries in terms of style and subject matter.
Discuss this statement with reference to a named work by Degas, refer in your answer to subject matter , composition, light and colour, and handling of materials
How did the development of photography influence the work of the Impressionists?
Illustrate your Answer.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Walter Osborne

Here is a power point presentation on Irish Artist Walter Osborne,whom may be on the Leaving cert Exam.


Artist Paul Henry

Here i ahve included a few power point presentation on Irish Artist Paul Henry,a possible artist to come up in exam . The first presentation is about Paul Henry, the 2nd and 3rd are about some of his paintings.


visiting a gallery

Here, I have put up 2 really good power point presentations on this area of the Art History, visiting a gallery.


Stone Age

here is a lovely power point presentation on the Stone Age, just click into the link below


Iron Age

Hi Students, here is a power point on the Iron Age that will come in handy when revising this section. Just click into the link below


Bronze Age

Leaving certs here are a few extra notes that will come in handy when revising the Bronze Age,just click into the link below.


Monday, April 09, 2018

Drawing facial features

First years are practicing drawing the face and observing proportion and shape of the male and female features. Here is the video clip to help practice at home.


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

6th Year Art History Question

Please Answer the following question and return to me for Thurs 22nd.
Artefacts from the Iron Age demonstrate the remarkable development in style that took place during this period in Ireland.
Discuss this statement with reference to the two artefacts illustrated.( The loughnashade Trumpet) and the ( Turoe Stone)
In your answer refer to form. function, style, and to materials and techniques used in the production and decoration
Briefly describe and discuss the influence of the Tene style on later Irish art of the early Christian period.
illustrate your answer.

Tips on answering this question.

  • Introduction : to the Iron Age, a brief introduction about the people and the development of the Iron Age.
  • introduction to the development and use of the illustrated Artefacts,taking each artefact seperately discuss each one under the headings ,form(describe it,shape etc) function (its use) style (is it la Tene style) materials( stone/metal) techniques ( how was it made) decoration (how was it decorated,how was it put on )
  • Draw the artefacts and clearly label each drawing 
  • keep refering back to the statement in your answer
  • Introduction to La Tene and how was it used later 
  • Illustrate your answer with an example
  • good conclusion to your answer,again referring back to the opening statement in the ending of your answer