3rd Year Cba 2

 Hi Class. The Themes of CBA 2 Themes are out. Click into the link below to view them. (YOU MUST PRESS "READ MORE" to get into  the link

1st Year Homework.14th Sept

     Hi Class. Please follow the clip below and give a good go. This is a tonal exercise so use your pencils to achieve light and dark tones.  Happy drawing..

Welcome Back..

 Welcome BACK all.. I hope this year will be an exciting one, where we will be able to enjoy Art making back in the Art room!!
 Congrats and very well done to all the students who entered the Easter Art Competition. Here are the entries .. Alice Bruen 1st Year Ava Croaghan,1st Year Ella Donoghue 2nd Year Ciaran Keaveny 1st Year Dervla Cyan 2nd  Year Jamie Moore 2nd Year Leah Doory 2nd Year Orna Fahy 1st Year

Easter Art Competition 2021

 Hi all, here in .C.C.S we are very excited to announce our new Easter Art Competition. This year we would like you get creative and paint /draw a design based on the theme of Easter. We have some lovely prizes. Open to all year groups and all students. So get creative and enjoy!!

Students Artwork 10th March

 Some beautiful artwork from my students. Well done!!                                                                  Alice Bruen                                                                                                                             leah Doory                                                                                                                        Orna Fahy                                                                  Alice Bruen Alice Bruen